Twitter raises the usability bar

I’m new to blogging, but a long time reader of (mainly music) blogs. I recently started out on micro-blogging platform Twitter, you know, the one everybody’s talking about. It took a while to get my head around the idea of making everything public for anyone to see, which I know is hardly a new concept when it comes the Internet but one that took a bit of adjustment for me.

What was particularly impressive about it was how easy it is to use. Signing up, getting started, customising my page – there were no real issues there. The comparison with the headaches I had earlier this week with WordPress could not have been clearer. Those headaches may well have be a combination of Internet service, browser, operating system and of course my own lack of technical skills, but they showed how high Twitter and Google’s various tentacles have raised my expectations.
Now I just expect web applications to work, moreover I expect them to be free too and quickly move on if these criteria are not met. I can see this makes me a picky customer, but I doubt I’m unusual there.

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