Holiday running

I went for my first holiday run yesterday. That is to say I’m on holiday in Cornwall and went running.

The combination of being on holiday and going running has long been appealing. Partly it’s the thought of different scenery and terrain. But more importantly it’s the opportunity to contribute to my twice-weekly target. However, the will has never been matched by the motivation, until now.

So yesterday at 7.30 in the morning I was running down the steep roads that lead into the centre of St Ives with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on my iPod shuffle. From where we’re staying the roads into the town centre are so steep in parts that you have to concentrate on slowing yourself down rather than enjoying the lift gravity gives you. Then it was a treat to run along the sea front, where there was only a handful of dog walkers, hyper-organised holidaymakers or newspaper buyers out and about. I double-backed along a short stretch of beach and then took on the steep, steep hills. And I can still feel those in my legs.

The contrast with my usual run through the woods and common next to where I live brightened the day. Here it was sea, sand and seagulls, where earlier this week there had been tiny caterpillars hanging from the trees and, around one corner, a surprised dear.


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