Holiday running 2

Managed another two runs this week – maybe blogging really can help you stick to things (we’ll see). Both followed a course down to the Tate St Ives, along Porthmeor Beach, along a coastal path, through the town and then back up that steep road out of town and both came in at over 30 mins.

The first saw me trying to reach a coastal footpath, circling a field with no sign of an exit – deciding the farmer’s probably wondering what the idiot in the field is doing, so doubling back to take the pavement route into town.

For the second I skipped the fields and, knowing where I was going (and it’s always a more relaxed run when you know where you’re going) followed a more convenient but no less steep path down to the beach. Running on sand, like running on holiday, has a romantic allure about it. This morning I had Santogold on my iPod but outside there were sounds of seagulls and breaking waves. So why did was this the image – at 0.17 – that sprang to mind? At least the surf didn’t get me, and it was only a momentary intrusion.


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