Bengali vocabulary – beach holiday

Ekhane amar chuti-r kotha:

Holiday – chuti
Beach – sōmudrō tir Ocean – sōmudrō
Sea – sagōr
Sand – bali/balu
Bucket – balti
Spade – kodal
Harbour – bōndōr
Shell (sea) – jhinuk

Could do with ‘ferocious seagulls’ but it wasn’t in the dictionary (obhidhan).

p.s. I’m using the character ‘ō‘ for both the first letter of the Bengali alphabet (as in ōsuk – illness) and also for the ‘inherent vowel’ that follows many consonants. It’s a quick but imprecise way of approaching transliteration. Also on that subject I’m using ‘s‘ for the ‘sh’ sound in, as in the word above, sagōr.


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