Punk rock running soundtrack

Punk rock running? Approach with care. Some songs work better than others to soundtrack a run. Here are some suggestions that gave me a chance to try embedding video.

Minor Threat’s Straight Edge: what you are, a sprinter with a death wish? Talk about peaking too soon.

The Clash’s Safe European Home: if I’ve got to have a heart attack, perhaps it should be to one of the most exciting songs of all time.

Big Black’s Kerosene: a shiver-inducing guitar intro, even now it’s ‘how did Albini and Durango get those sounds’ (of course, notched metal picks go a little way to answer that question). But seriously people, see above.

But it can pay off

Black Flag’s My War: good way to start off, you can even pretend you’re Rollins with a grudge against a world that won’t let you exercise (if that does it for you).

AFI’s A Story In Three: great pacing


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