Film Review: Jab We Met

The story of a mismatched couple and how they fell in love, Jab We Met (How We Met) starts out as a somewhat fluffy tale but packs a punch the deeper you get.

In the 2007 film we see Aditya (Shahid Kapur) running away from his life of corporate wealth, taking a nighttime train without a thought for his destination. There he meets the irrepressible/slightly annoying Geet Dhillon (Kareena Kapoor).

Due to a misreading of the film listing I’d expected the entire thing to be set on a train. It’s an intriguing thought, but only the characters’ initial meeting occurs on a train, though there’s a fair bit of chasing after trains for one reason or another.

The first hour passes in a madcap romp, Kareena Kapoor’s character recalling the exuberance of Shar Rukh Khan in the early part of Kal Ho Na Ho. But it’s a relief when the tone becomes more serious and less quirky, allowing the film to develop over the remaining couple of hours.I would have liked to see more about the subsequent development of Geet’s character, which follows a rockier path than Aditya’s. Unfortunately this occurs for the most part off screen and after an even-handed start to the film it focuses on Aditya for the majority of the remaining time. Nevertheless it’s an enjoyable Bollywood romantic comedy.

The film was the first of three shown as part of a short Bollywood season on Channel Four. It often shows its Indian films on a Sunday and always after midnight, so they’re not the thing for a school night. Usually there’re one or two of these short seasons each year. On occasion – though not this time – they’re themed. Thus we’ve had ‘Saif Ali Khan: a man for all seasons’, ‘The music of AR Rahman’ and a brace of Hrithik Roshan pictures over the last few years.

I’ve still got two more films to savour – thank you hard drive recorder (it’s up there with the iPod in the technological advances stakes). Though as with ‘listening to an album’ I still ‘tape films’ from the television. But then saying I’ll ‘digitise’ it for future viewing just isn’t right.

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