Music Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

It’s Blitz, the latest long player from New York trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is another class affair and marks a further evolution in their sound. This sound has already moved over the course of their first two albums from the scratchy indie rock of their 2003 debut Fever To Tell, to the more polished and even slightly subdued (though it’s all relative) sounds of 2006’s Show Your Bones.

It’s Blitz builds on the templates those albums laid down, adding to it synths, sequencers and indie disco grooves. Making room for this extended sonic palette Nick Zimmer’s guitar is more sparsely used than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that band doesn’t rock out, as opening tracks Zero and Heads Will Roll prove.

Karen O’s voice goes from gentle cooing Softshock – which could quite easily soundtrack the first months of my soon-to-born son or daughter, in the way Sonic Youth’s The Diamond Sea did with A – to the earlier attack sound with Dull Life, which also discards the new sounds for simpler guitar and drums clothes.

From tender moments to the rockers to the indie disco numbers, for me the album doesn’t have a duff track and the only complaint is that I would’ve liked the extra tracks shown on Spotify.

And one more thing. What a relief to find a beloved New York band that not only doesn’t fall apart on album three (hello Interpol and The Strokes) but can put out a record that is at least the equal of their previous work.

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