Baby coming? Not yet

It’s been a feverish few days. Friday we saw the consultant, who confirmed baby is breach and arranged for us to come back today to try and have it turned.

He also said there was a chance the baby could come today (!!) if anything went array with the procedure.

That concentrated our minds in a most effective way on what we still had to do in the way of preparation. Far too much it turned out. Cue much time over the weekend rooting around in the loft and a slow stretching of nerves. There was a pleasant interlude yesterday at my parents-in-law, full of nice Bengali food and a chance for a little language practice, but my mind was elsewhere. So it was little more than dal debo, during the meal.

Today there was three and a half hours of waiting in the maternity ward, due to a communications mix-up between consultants. That’s a lot of time to hear women giving birth. Particularly as the severity of the pain seemed to take most of them by surprise. No comedy swearing unfortunately.

Then, finally, it was our turn and one very painful procedure later, baby was resolutely unturned. So, all being well, we’ve got a very busy time ahead after the c-section that’s booked for two weeks time.

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