Returning to running

Autumn’s my favourite time of year for running. Occasional rain doesn’t bother me and the  slow easing in temperature makes running, and life in general, much more pleasant than in the summer. In these globally-warmed days even British summers increasingly manage respectable, if inconsistent, temperatures.

So it was a pleasure this week to finally get in a proper run. Over the last month the only running I’ve done has been with A when I take him for a bike ride, and more recently jog along with him as he cycles to school. The downside of doing the school run in this way is of course turning up at the school gates hot, sweaty and in short shorts, none of which makes for a particularly pleasing look.

To carve out half an hour from the morning for a bit of quality time pounding the footpaths through the common near where I live, just me and my headphones, was a rare treat. My time for the three and a half mile circuit was a slower-than-usual 27 minutes, but hopefully it’s a return to getting out regularly again.


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