Language and children

K is six weeks old now and a great listener, particularly when I’m looking for someone to practice speaking Bengali to. Granted, he can’t tell me to “stop talking to me …” but let’s ignore that for the time being.

It does mean that I can practice speaking aloud, which is vital to hearing how you form the words and for thinking on your feet about how sentences should be constructed.

It may also be that K picks up Bengali quicker than A. My older son was two-years old by the time I started teaching myself the language, so he’s aware that I haven’t always spoken it, am learning myself and knows there was a time when he wasn’t being made to learn it.

But what I’m really wondering is will K use some Bengali when he starts speaking and will this give A, who knows far more of the language than he lets on, a renewed enthusiasm for it? Time will tell.

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