Online news in Bengali

There are a number of places to go online to read – and often listen to – the news in Bengali.

Most require you to first install Bengali fonts, though interestingly not the one site I’ve found that’s actually based in Bengal.

The sites after the jump are the ones I plan to visit regularly when spare time, and the demands of a two-month old baby, allow. Hopefully this will provide useful practice to improve my reading in Bengali (it certainly has a long way to go at the moment!).


Century Sangbad – The West Bengal-based website. The news is in Bengali script, but displayed as a collection of images so you don’t need have installed Bengali fonts in order to view it, which is a nicely inclusive and user-friendly touch.

bbc-bangla400x300BBC Bangla – UK pubic broadcaster the BBC has a dedicated Bengali news section, which requires Bengali fonts but does come with pop-out audio players from which to listen to the news as well as read from the page.

deutsche-welle400x233Deutsche Welle – From the German newspaper’s website. I found this one through a saved search of Twitter – you can save searches through the Twitter website itself, or via third-party clients likes TweetDeck or Hootsuite. The Deutsche Welle site requires Bengali fonts to read and, as with the BBC site, offers the opportunity to listen to the news on a pop-out audio player.

Finally there’s NHK World – This is the Japanese broadcaster’s Bengali page, and again pop-out audio is also on offer. NHK World also do a daily 15 minute news podcast in Bengali, which I’ve previously written about here.

These will all go into my Learning Bengali page, if you have any suggestions for others sites written in Bengali, or for anything else relevant to the page, that I should include please leave them as a comment below or contact me.


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