Learning Bengali page updated

I’ve been tidying up my blog a little this week. Nothing too strenuous mind, that would require a surfeit of spare time, something I don’t yet have.

Nonetheless I’ve added a little to the About page concerning my aim to blog at least once a week, with posts related to Bengali on Fridays and/or posts on any other subject that appeals to me on Tuesdays.

More importantly though I’ve also cleaned up the Learning Bengali page, adding in information from recent posts about Bengali fonts, Google’s language tools, Bengali grammar, YouTube and the Bengali phrase book you can find on Google Books.

When I set up  this blog the one of the main aims was to use it help me in my Bengali study.

This I’ve done already by tackling subjects that need revision, learning new vocabulary and collecting all of this and more in one place. It’s certainly a step up from my slim A6-szied notebook that I was using as, what was called in my school French and German lessons, a vocab book. I was looking for this yesterday and couldn’t find it, if it turns up I may post some of the lists I compiled from 2005-8.

Future posts will include the imperative, making comparisons and more vocabulary lists (school words will probably be the next of these).

Something that has cropped up during the time I’ve spend on my blog is that I was wrong to say the lack of offline Bengali materials is mirrored in the online world. They’re not always easy to find and I’ve yet to come across a decent Learning Bengali website, but there are many things out there if you know where to look.

So, click through to the Learning Bengali page if you fancy, and if you have any suggestions for future topics, Bengali resources etc leave them in the comments section or contact me through one of the methods listed here.

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