Bengali vocabulary – school words

Now in year two at primary school, A has been given homework for some time now. So revising school words in Bengali has been on my to-do list for a while.

We went in to the school yesterday for parents evening while A was at Beavers, so now seems as good a time as any to get around to it.

There’s a useful chapter for this area of vocabulary in William Radice’s excellent Teach Yourself Bengali book where, through a conversation about a school, he looks at a number of different parts of grammar, including the present tense, the reflexive pronoun and participial postpositions.

School – স্কুল (skul)
Class – ক্লাস (klas)
Teacher – টিচার/সিক্সক (ticar/siksōk)
Private – বেসরকারী (besōrōkari)
Subject – বিসয় (bisōy)

Maths – অঙ্ক (ōnkō)
English – imreji
Geography – ভূগোল (bhugol)
Science – বিগ্গেন (biggaen)
Hand writing – হাতের লেখা (hater lekha)
Story – গল্প (gōlpō)
Poem – কবিতা (kōbita)
Book – বই (bōi)
Paper – কাগজ (kagōj)
Picture – ছবি (chōbi)
To draw, paint – আকা (aka)

N.B. I’m on a computer that doesn’t have Bengali fonts at the moment, so will add Bengali script for the above words later.

Neither Google Transliteration nor Google Dictionary seems to manage to cope with the Bengali word for English (which I’ve transliterated as imreji), both having trouble with the second letter.

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