Winter running

I’ve not managed much running this month. In fact I’ve been just once, thanks to an enforced layoff due to a week of not-quite-flu, followed by two weeks of coughing, spluttering and more in the same vein.

So Monday I forced myself out. The air was so cold I thought my eyes would mist up and frozen puddles on the common had been smashed into shards of ice across the path by walkers.

I’m not sure I’ve entirely recovered from the low-level illness (one of the most annoying kinds, bad enough to lay you low, but not quite bad enough to stay off work for) and recorded perhaps my slowest time of the year for the three and a half mile circuit I do. Slower even than in June, when a heatwave drove up the temperature inside our house to 25 degrees centigrade. Not in itself crazy heat, but hot in an airless house and hotter still to go running in.

But, as usual, it felt good to complete another run, although I must get back into the routine of getting out twice a week.

The soundtrack to this latest run was: I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas // I Get Wet – Andrew WK // You’ve Got The Love – Florence + The Machine // The Bleeding Heart Show – The New Pornographers // Bulletproof – La Roux // Who’s Got A Match? – Biffy Clyro // Arming Eritrea – Future Of The Left // Old School Hollywood – System Of A Down.

Adding The Bleeding Heart Show to my iPod shuffle may have been a mistake. The moment when the drumming kicks up a gear (at around 2.36 on the live video below) prompted an ill-advised sprint that I couldn’t sustain.

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