More Bollywood films on Channel 4

Channel 4’s current India Winter season of programmes is not quite as light on films as I first thought.

I’m off shortly to watch as much of Om Shanti Om as I can manage and then tape the rest, but there are more films scheduled over the next few days.

Tomorrow it’s Dhoom 2, an enjoyably glossy cop vs robber film – though with a quite baffling plot twist towards the end, and then Monday it’s Jodhaa Ackbar.

As with Rang De Basanti (shown on Wednesday), both of these two have been screened on the channel in the last 18 months.

But what is interesting is that this time around two of the films are shown at times that non-nighthawks can cope with.

Om Shanti Om at 10pm then Dhoom 2 tomorrow at 10.45pm, it’s a welcome change from scheduling three-hour Hindi films that start at 1am on a Monday morning, which the channel usually does.

I’m always fascinated as to whether anyone in the country actually stays up that late and then manages to sit through a film that probably won’t finish until 4am.

Also, there’s an interesting, if slightly flawed, polemic on the India Winter season here.

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