A soul man in waiting

Sam and Dave’s Greatest Hits was playing a lot in the car before Christmas. Always on the school run and always this song first.

It’s the latest installment of my ten-year plan to indoctrinate my eldest son A with certain musical tastes. Little K is not yet six months so it’s probably a little early to start there.

I don’t follow football or sport for that matter, so I’m not bothered by what teams either supports. Although I do wish A wouldn’t keep asking me what football team I’d support if I really, absolutely had to pick one. (The correct answer is Arsenal, which I’ve given up avoiding).

So we’ve been listening to Sam and Dave, which we moved on to from The Undertones when he started singing along to Teenage Kicks, which in turn was preceded by Pixies’ Doolittle (he liked ‘the monkey song’).

The funny thing is that along with happily dancing along to The Smiths or Bollywood hits, though strangely always with the same dance, this gentle steering will doomed to be at least partially futile.

(Already A’s announced he thinks the Black Eyed Peas are so good that statues, the size of the Statue of Liberty no less, should be built in their honour.)


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