Film review: The Last Thakur

Shown last month as a hidden part of Channel Four’s India Winter season and tucked away on its digital channel More 4, I didn’t know what to expect from The Last Thakur.

Trailed in the TV guide as a ‘Bangladeshi Western’, not a genre high on my radar, it actually lived up to its billing with a mysterious gunman, warring factions and a climactic shootout.Overall it was a nicely-shot, engaging film that passed along at a fair old clip, building the tension as it went and aided by a lean running time of  around an hour and a half.

I did find the language rather impenetrable compared to other Bengali films I’ve watched.

Perhaps this was partly because it’s a Bangladeshi film, and therefore there are some differences from the Indian Bengali I’m used to hearing, but more than that I think it was the low, urgent way a lot of the dialogue comes out.

Having said that, watching the trailer that’s at the top of this post just now I find I’m able to follow the dialogue a little better than when watching the whole film.


2 responses to “Film review: The Last Thakur

  1. Damn, i wish i’d seen that. I wouldn’t have understood the language at all but a Bangladeshi Western? That would a sight worth seeing!

  2. It was a Western in the Kurosawa sense, and yes, worth seeing.

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