Bengali vocabulary – the body (part 2)

I’m learning vocabulary from a children’s Bengali word book and posting some of the word lists here.

I posted part one of Lesson 1: “About Body” (সরির সম্বম্ধিয় [sōrir sōmbōmdhiy]) last week, here’s the second and final part of this lesson.

Shoulder – কাঁধ (kadh)

Eye – চোখ (cokh)

Ear – কান (kan)

Back -পিট (pit)

Belly – পেট (pet)

Stomach – পাকস্থলি (pakōsholi)

Heart – হৃত্‌পিণ্ড (hritōpindō)

Skin – চামড়া (camra)

Blood – রক্ত (rōktō)

Neck – ঘাড় (ghar)

Leg – পা (pa)

Foot – পায়ের পাতা (payer pata)

Thigh – উরু (uru)

Knee – হাঁটু (hatu)

Bone – হাড় (harō)

Flesh – মাংস (mangsō)

Pulse – নাড়ী (nari)

N.B. A more common spelling for Back is পিঠ (pith), and পেট (pet) is often used for stomach (I must admit I’m not sure of the difference between Stomach and Belly in English – perhaps it’s on a medical level).

Note also, চোখের তারা (cokher tara) – eyeball, চোখের পাতা (cokher pata) – eyelid.

Alternatives for Heart are হ্রীদয় (hridōy), হৃদযন্ত্র (hridyōntro), and মন (mōn), of which the first seems more common.

পা (pa) can also be used for foot.

Another word for Bone is হাড্ডি (haddi), see also হাড্ডিসার (haddisar) – “reduced to a skeleton, very gaunt, skinny, skin and bone”, according to the Samsad Bengali English Dictionary.


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