Being won over by the iPhone

Until I was given one I couldn’t see the point in an iPhone.

My mobiles to date have always been the cheapest pay-as-you-go ones, the kind that last two years  before they literally fall apart.

On one the number nine button stopped working, more recently another had a loose battery that would switch the phone at odd, usually inopportune, moments.

But now, although I’ve yet to sort out the sim card and so can’t make calls, text or access the web, I’m quickly seeing how an iPhone could be a really useful tool.

This isn’t exactly breaking news (I understand they’re really rather popular already!) but  I’ve never  been that bothered about mobile phones before.

Previous phones had alarms, calendars, probably notes and other functions too, but they lacked usability and I lacked the inclination to work out how to use them.

If they could text and receive and make calls then that was enough for me.

But now? Well, it’s not a change of the magnitude of my first iPod, or something like BBC iPlayer, but certainly a considerable technological improvement. Even if, given the sim card situation, I’m using it more like a PDA at the moment.

Slimmer than my iPod, hopefully better than my old phone, extra features, such as the qwerty keyboard on which I typed the first draft of this post, it promises to be very useful.

Annoyingly it may even prove a reason to – theoretically at least – consider an iPad, though the fact that I have my brother’s old iPhone should suggest i don’t have deep enough pockets to indulge in all the latest techno-trends.

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