Santiniketan podcasts return with Bengal renaissance

The Santiniketan podcasts made a welcome return in February after a three-month absence of new episodes from iTunes.

One episode that immediately caught my eye was ‘William Radice on Bengal Renaissance’ from 2 March.

I’ve mentioned William Radice before on my blog, but in the context of his Teach Yourself Bengali book. In this podcast he’s in conversation with an unnamed interviewer as part of an Open University (OU) discussion.

The interview’s provence aside, it presents a fascinating overview of the ‘Bengal renaissance’ from Ram Mohan Roy to Rabinranath Tagore from an undoubtably authoritative source.

This being a Santiniketan podcast it was also intercut with Bengali folk songs and field recordings from Santosh Sengupa, Jayati Ghosh, Sukanto Acharya, Subinoy Roy, Isheeta Ganguly, Sreyashi Mitra, Indrani Sen and Vikram Singh.

• While searching around for links for this post I also come across information on an OU programme on the Bengal Famine on 1943 from a couple of years ago, and presented by Michael Portillo of all people – though he does a good job.

A podcast on the heart-rending subject from the programme is available to download on this page.


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