Save 6 Music and The Asian Network

The Asian Network and 6 Music are exactly the sort of thing a public service broadcaster should be pursuing.

Put simply, you don’t hear Minor Threat or John Coltrane on the drive-time slot on XFM and you don’t get Raj and Pablo or a sales-based chart of Asian music (the world’s first no less) on Sunrise Radio.

So the BBC’s proposal to close the two digital radio stations, the only  stations that hold any interest for me and  the sole reason for a recent DAB radio purchase, is particularly galling.

Between them they provide a mix of music that makes perfect sense to me if no-one else. (The last three CDs I bought were albums by Yeasayer and F*** Buttons, and the soundtrack to 3 Idiots.)

To get over my disappointment I’ve been spending far too much time emailing, tweeting, filling out the consultation form and signing the petition.

One of my points was that the quality and type of programmes these two stations produce will not come from the commercial sector, whether from one of Mr Murdoch’s tentacles or anywhere else.

Another, slightly less edifying but more fun, was to make some snide comments about BBC 3 – c’mon, how often do you get the inclination and opportunity to remind the Director General of the BBC he’s responsible for the likes of The World’s Toughest Driving Tests and Hotter Than My Daughter but wants to cut two well-loved niche radio stations?

So, if you want to complain about the decisions you can email or complete the online survey (has to be done by 25 May 2010), and there’re plenty of handy links and information here and particularly here.

(Steve Lamacq puts it some of this a lot more eloquently here.)


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