Online Bengali resources

A Tangle Of Wires is not yet a year old, but the longer it continues the more Bengali resources I find.

The Learning Bengali section collects links to the best ones I’ve found, but it’s just a personal selection of what’s available online.

The section is due an update soon and one site I will add is So You Want To Learn A Language, which takes an altogether more expansive position on collecting online resources for Bengali, and many other Asian languages.

It was brought to my attention after the site’s author kindly added A Tangle Of Wires to the featured resources for Bengali – one of only two blogs on the language included.

There are also links for online courses, websites, essays, information on Bengali script, e-books, podcasts and more.

It features much that I plan to investigate – in particular the mp3 audio lessons from the Peace Corps sound very interesting. Although I’m a little skeptical that বাপরে বাপ (bapre bap) would be directly translated as Holy Cow.

In addition to Bengali, So You Want To Learn A Language also has a section with general language learning tips and 50 language-specific sections that include pages for Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarati.

The site’s author has also collected more than 1,000 language-related links using online bookmarking service Delicious, which is a nice touch and makes them easily searchable.

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