Running and biking in the countryside

Country footpathThe recent good weather in the UK arrived in time for my return to exercising last week.

Before then, there was one (unplanned) week off due to work, tiredness and general lack of motivation, followed by two (planned) weeks off with the Easter school holidays – keeping up with two kids being more than enough during these times.

But last week it was back to two runs and a bike ride a week, my usual routine … on a good week. I also had the choice of keeping away from the roads as the warmer weather had dried out the paths across the common, as the picture above shows.

That’s a fun section in the picture from this week’s bike ride, where the path slopes down with fields on one side and woods the other.

Some time after that the path runs out, leaving a reasonably gentle down-hill stretch of fields to follow. There the mud that last week was rather slippery in places had this week hardened into a series of bumpy ridges.

Last week was the first time I’ve taken my mountain bike, new this winter and bought to keep up with my son, off-road in any way, but  it makes a nice change from re-learning how to deal with traffic on a bike.

The running I split between one run on the common and a longer one alongside the road and it was the first time this year it was warm enough to go out without a jacket or sweatshirt.


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