Herbs, spices and other ingredients in Bengali

I’ve started to do a bit more Indian cooking recently for the first time in a while. It’s result of having just a tiny bit more spare time as the baby’s passes the nine months stage and we slowly settle back into a (usually) manageable routine.

K’s sleeping through the night much more often than not, and tends to go through until 5-6am. Even then, when I bring him into our bed he’ll go back to sleep for another couple of hours – if his elder brother, who still climbs into our bed of his own accord – and as often as he can get away with, doesn’t wake him up.

Where was I? Oh yes, food. So, I’m cooking Indian food more now. Only at the weekends and only occasionally. Last weekend was such an occasion. Chicken tikka, pillau rice and dhal. Nothing too fancy, but enough to take up a good couple of hours in the preparation and cooking.

The food turned out pretty well and reminded me that there remain a number of Bengali food words I’ve never got around to learning.

So this post is really a list of some of the one’s I need to learn:

Onion – পিয়াজ, পেয়াজ (piyaj, peyaj)*

Garlic – রসুন (rōsun)

Ginger – আদা (ada)

Cumin – জিরা, জিরে (jira, jire)

Coriander – ধনিয়া, ধনে (dhōniya, dhōn)

Cinnamon – দারচিনি, দারুচিনি (darōcini, darucini)

Chilli – কাকা মরিক (kaca mōric, lōnka)

Cardamom – এলাচ (elac)

Turmeric – হলুদ (hōlud)

Peas – মটর (mōtōr)

*Sometimes has a chōndrōbinu over the second letter of piyaj, but I can’t get that grammatical sign to show on the screen with the tools I use.


2 responses to “Herbs, spices and other ingredients in Bengali

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  2. Do you know the Bengali for sage?

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