A revision plan … of sorts

I’ve meaning to draw up a proper revision plan to help further my study of Bengali for some time.

This post will not be it.

There is of course much to be said for first deciding why you want to learn a language, and then (as appropriate) mapping out how you’ll pursue the different skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

But revision planning can be too much like prevaricating – I won’t revise, but I will draw up a colour-coded timetable with meticulous precision – so instead I’ve decided to concentrate on a more achievable goal.

Over the next few months I’ll be going back over and revising the two thirds of William Radice’s Teach Yourself Bengali that I’ve covered so far.

To do this I’ll be writing up the grammar and vocabulary from those first 26 chapters of the book, but this won’t generate many posts for this blog as the book remains very much in print.

I plan to cover three chapters a week for the first section’s vocabulary-based exercises, then the second section’s more grammar orientated ones, which are naturally of increasing complexity, I’ll just have to play by ear.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll start at a rate of knots going back over the chapters with which I’m most familiar and then grind to a halt as the material becomes more challenging. But we’ll see.

So that’s my revision plan … of sorts.

There’s no colour coding, but it’ll do for now.

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