3 Idiots iPhone app tops the charts

3 Idiots iPhone app

Having broken box office records since its release last year it would appear that ‘Aal Izz Well’ for Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots on the iPhone too.

The film’s iPhone app is currently topping the download charts of paid-for apps on Apple’s Indian iTunes Store, ahead of Fifa World Cup, WhatsApp Messenger and the Angry Birds game.

Released on 22 June and costing $0.99 the 3 Idiots app offers a range of features to tap into the popularity of the Aamir Khan film, and presumably help prepare the ground for its DVD launch.

3 Idiots (the film) hit cinema screens in India on Christmas Eve last year, introducing audiences to the story’s ‘idiots’, engineering students Rancho (Aamir Khan), Farhan (R. Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi).

3 Idiots (the app) includes know-it-all Chatur’s ‘Chatur ka chamatkar’ speech as a video and in its original text, dialogues from the film (including Chatur’s translation of Mutra Visarjan and Rancho’s definition of a book), jokes and images from the film.

There’re also behind the scenes videos on the blockbuster’s making and Aamir’s physical transformation into a college idiot after his previous film saw him appear as a six-packed Gajini.

Finally the app has a regional flavour, offering Aal Izz Well in a choice of 10 different Indian languages, including Bengali, Punjabi and Telegu.

Big B trails Aamir in the charts

One of the people trailing Aamir in the iTunes chart is the Big B, Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, and his classic 1975 film Sholay

iSholay iPhone app

Released back in April 2009, and despite some less than complimentary reviews about its limited features, the iSholay app by developers Astro and Vastu still manages a respectable 53st place in Apple’s paid-for app download chart.

• I’ve not seen 3 Idiots yet, but there’s a great review of it on The Bollywood Fan blog here.

• Having recently watched Sholay for the first time (yes, I really am that far behind the times) I’ll post a review on A Tangle Of Wires next week.

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