Bengali literature podcast launched

The ranks of Bengali podcasts were swelled by a new addition last month with the launch of Bengali Readings.

The English language podcast aims to bring Bengali literature to a wider online audience and the first episode features three readings from Bengali literary giant Rabinranath Tagore’s Gitanjali book of poetry.

The podcast includes readings of Gitanjali #78, #50 and #42. It’s an auspicious start – Gitanjali was the reason for Tagore’s 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature (and he’s still the only South Asian to receive that honour).

Produced by Raja Chakraborty the podcast follows on from his Bangla Readings podcasts, which began last year and cover similar ground in a series of Bangla language podcasts.

The English version, Bengali Readings, aims to feature readings from a variety of Bengali poems, short stories and novels.

You can subscribe to Bengali Readings via iTunes here and download or listen to the first episode here.

For more on Bengali podcasts – including news, discussion and story-telling podcasts –  go here.

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