Bengali numbers (video)

Bengali numbers are pretty irregular, with only a little relation between, say, the words for 23, 33, 43 etc, compared to English or French. Because of this I’d only learnt from 1-30 until recently.

But I knew I’d have to get past this block – telling the time and prices are just two of the many applications I would struggle with otherwise.

So my (Bengali) father-in-law kindly agreed to be recorded counting from 1-50, and kinder still was not fazed by the thought of becoming a minor star on YouTube.

I plan to put together a companion video to this for the numbers 51-100, but probably not for a bit – this one took long enough.

I recorded the audio on my iPhone, via the Voice Memos app, and the slides were created in PowerPoint. The Bengali script came partly from Google’s transliteration website and partly from its dictionary one, but there I hit a familiar snag of not being able to create a chondrobindu grammatical mark when needed, so some of the slides have a note to this effect.

Working on a MacBook I really struggled to sync audio and slides in PowerPoint. Eventually I saved the PowerPoint presentation as a series of jpg pictures, imported them into iMovie, overlaid the audio (having converted that to an mp3 in iTunes) and finally edited the timings on each of the slides so they’d fit!

4 responses to “Bengali numbers (video)

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  2. Thank you ! I came across your video just in time for my daughter’s bengali assignment. Look forward to 51-100 video 🙂

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