By the way, that ‘Bollywood’ page …

Channel 4 screens around 20 Bollywood/South Asian films each year, usually in a few themed seasons.

The UK television channel sees this “substantial and long-term commitment to Asian-language cinema” as part of its public service role, explaining that its aim is to showcase “the latest Bollywood hits along with classic and contemporary arthouse fare”.

But, as anyone who’s tried will know, it’s not that easy to find out what the films were screened in past seasons or what the channel has lined up for future seasons.

So, I’ve put together a Bollwood page that lists the films shown, with links to more information on the themed season to which they belong to, their listing and, in many cases, my own reviews.

The listings date from this blog’s launch last May and the page has actually been online since earlier this year. But now, with a new Autumn Bollywood season on the horizon, I thought this would be a suitable time to quick post on what the page is for. So this is that post.

A quick note on the title. I know Channel 4 shows more than just Bollywood films, but “Bollywood” is so much concise as a title than “Bollywood, Bengali and Bangladeshi films, plus any other South Asian films that are shown”. And, of course, the vast majority of South Asian films shown on UK television are Hindi ‘Bollywood’ ones.


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