What does the band look like? Does it matter?

I used to know what bands looked like before I bought their records. It was the result of buying a UK music paper every week for four or five years, though I’d struggle to say whether it was important or not.

Nowadays I’ll often buy a record without knowing what the band looks like or anything more than the most basic information about them.

One band where this was recently the case was Yeasayer. I bought their Odd Blood album earlier this year and it’s only now, while idly looking around YouTube, that I’ve actually seen what they look like.

Naturally it doesn’t matter either way, though somehow it seems a purer form of appreciation to judge, as far as possible, a band on the way they sound rather than the way they look.

That said, if the clip above is Yeasayer’s television look, then I’m pretty sure the one below is their less polished and preening radio look.


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