Searching for my disapearing fitness

An online friend reckons that runners lose fitness if they leave more than three days between runs.

True or not, it certainly sounds accurate, particularly after my recent six week (!!) layoff.

The prolonged break from running, my longest in a couple of years, made sense at the time as a way of coping with the school summer holidays, the first when we’ve had two children.

But now, with Son1 back at primary school and me getting back into exercising, I’m really feeling the effects of the lack of training.

So this was my second week of getting back into exercise and at the moment my fitness levels feel low enough to prompt thoughts of how I must get fit again – as if I hadn’t exercised for six years not six weeks.

I’ll stick at it of course and it helps that autumn’s my favourite time of the year and, as long as it’s reasonably dry, perfect for outdoors exercising.


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