On the one hand …

A Tangle Of Wires is not a television blog.

The case for: I’ve blogged on Bengali (language and culture), books, music, exercise and enough other miscellaneous subjects to merit the tangle my blog’s name refers to.

The case against: Look! Shashi Kapoor’s on the telly!!

Next week Film 4 show In Custody, the 1993 film that marked the directorial debut of Ismail Merchant (as in Merchant-Ivory).

The film is based on Anita Desai’s poignant tale about a poet past his best and stars Shashi Kapoor and Om Puri.

Puri plays a teacher who has been commissioned to interview legendary Urdu poet, Nur (Kapoor), whom he has idolised for years.

However, when Deven arrives for the interview, he discovers a broken man surrounded by hangers on and pulled in two different directions by his two wives.

  • In Custody – Thursday 30 September at 11:00 – 13:25, Film 4

You can see the rest of the South Asian films Channel 4 has shown this year, including its Bollywood fare, here.

4 responses to “On the one hand …

  1. Maybe not a filmy blog but I always get here when I search for nice movies shown on C4 – which I often realize *after* they have been shown.

    So where do you get info on what is going to be shown? Are you an insider?

    Whoever chooses them, seems to be doing a great job finding interesting movies. Do they take suggestions?

    • Thank you Sara. In addition to my own interest in Bollywood/Hindi films, one of the reasons I started writing these posts was that it’s difficult to find this information online, beyond occassional, one-off articles, so I’m glad you find them useful.

      But, without wishing to be wilfully obtuse, I’ll just say that I’m not an insider but do have an ‘inside track’.

      I agree the choice is good. With the amount of films Bollywood produces each year there’s certainly a lot to choose from, and we do get a pretty rounded view of Indian films. I don’t know if Channel 4 take suggestions, but there’s no harm in emailing them if you’ve a particular preference.

  2. Thank you for the advance warning on the Benegal mini-season.

    Channel 4 is in total contrast to BBC (both radio and TV) which always goes to the most populist and inane approach to Indian stuff. Now if only if some of the British media also realized there is more to contemporary Indian art and culture than filims…

    • You’re welcome, though – to give you a heads-up – it looks like the Benegal films won’t be immediately followed by further Indian films on Channel 4.

      I definitely agree with you when it comes to Indian films and UK television. Though, away from films, Channel 4 does also do some slightly inane stuff – witness Gordon Ramsey’s part in the Indian Winter season at the start of this year – where-as the BBC does do quality programmes in some areas.

      I’m thinking in particular of the Michael Wood ones (which, without checking, were I think on BBC), the channel’s amusing obsession with Indian railways and even the Sanjeev Bhaskar series (such a contrast with Paul Merton’s beyond-dire programmes on Channel 5). And then there’s the BBC’s Asian Network digital radio station (for now at least).

      On a wider note, it would be nice if the British media could do more with contemporary art and culture, whatever the country it comes from 😉

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