Rishi Kapoor season on Channel 4 continues

The second and third films in Channel 4’s short season of Rishi Kapoor pictures continue to be projects started by his father Raj.

The patriarch of the famous filmi family passed away before his son Rishi’s film Henna was completed, and Raj’s brother Randhir stepped in to complete it.

Like many other Raj Kapoor films (Shree 420 and Andaaz immediately spring to mind), Henna is a socially aware film and this time it’s Indian prejudices about Pakistan that are challenged.

In it Rishi plays an Indian Kashmiri Hindu who loses his memory after an accident and ends up in Pakistan, where he is looked after by a Muslim family and falls in love with a local girl. Then his memory returns and his troubles begin.

That’s the third film in the season, it will be preceded by 1982’s Prem Rog, a story of forbidden love between a wealthy girl and a poor boy, underpinned by  a scathing attack on the Indian class system and the treatment of widows.

Elsewhere on this blog you can find other films in Channel 4’s short Rishi Kapoor season along with the other Hindi films on the channel this year.


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