The death of impulse buying

I was surprised to find myself in HMV at the weekend and seriously considering  buying a couple of CDs.

Setting foot in thre music (and games, DVDs, t-shirts, books, phone accessories and so on) shop was not that unusual, it was more the fact that I might buy something without first listening to it and checking its price online.

But they had a sale on, and such impulse buying used to make up a large part of my music collection, with purchases of varying levels of success. For every Sound of Silver there a CD by The Vasalines that left me wondering why I’d bought it – beyond of course the Nirvana connection.

And then, as I mulled over CDs by Amadou and Mariam, Robyn and Band of Horses, I remembered Spotify, got cold feet and left empty handed.

It’s no wonder HMV and other similar shops are desperately diversifying. Choice and information are so freely available (and I’m not even going to address illegal downloads) that they always appear somewhat unloved these days.

Worse, walking around town later in the week I was browsing on my phone’s Amazon app and saw that they had all the albums I’d been considering for just under £5 each where in HMV they were only available on a two for £10 offer. (But, of course, I’m sure Amazon hadn’t done that on purpose.)

So tonight I’ll be off to Spotify to recommence my highly enjoyable window shopping for music.


2 responses to “The death of impulse buying

  1. It’s more the fact that i can rarely find CDs i’m interested in in music shops any more: the more they diversify in products, the less room they have for a diversity of music. Two or three times in the last couple of months i’ve wandered in HMVs hoping to have one of those “Wow, look at that!” moments but left disappointed.

    Most times i end up going back to Uncle Amazon.

    • You’re spot on about their diversity – I don’t know whether to call HMV a music shop anymore! Increasingly I find it easier to browse Spotify or We7 for music I like and go straight to Amazon, knowing HMV – or other high street shops will have less than half of what I’m looking for.

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