Time to censor my iTunes?

I’ve found myself in an odd situation recently, wondering whether I should censor my iTunes library.

Son1 has started using our laptop more frequently, discovering the BBC iPlayer (so there really will never be nothing for him to watch!) and Spotify.

About the latter he wondered aloud why he’d ever need to buy music if he can get it for free on the computer, proving that if even a 7 year old can spot the flaw in your industry model you must indeed be in trouble. But it’s iTunes that’s giving me most cause for concern.

This is most pressing when it comes to those bands, albums and songs that use words I don’t want him to see (whether they already come up in the playground yet or not).

With some 13 thousand songs in our combined iTunes library the chances are he’ll see a Simon & Garfunkel album before Big Black’s Songs About F***ing, some of my wife’s Take That or Kylie before the latest by F*** Buttons and pretty much anything before an NWA song about the police.

Nonetheless it’s a worry. But one I’ll try and half fix with his own playlists, because if I start adding asterisks to the file names I’ll only have to worry about the words in some of the songs, and if I do that then there’s the message of others (cough, Heroin).

Curiously though I’ve not considered preventing him using the computer or having access to all this musical variety on tap – so very different from my parent’s small, disparate choice of  records.

For one thing it would halt the kind of happy accidents that saw him searching in vain for something by Muse in our collection only to decide that Throwing Muses’ Shark was better anyway.


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