5 Bengali words – creative professions

This is the first in a regular series of weekly posts containing bite-sized chunks of Bengali vocabulary I’d like to learn and revise.

The first ‘5 Bengali words’ will be on creative jobs.

Actor – আভিনেতা/আভিনত্র ী (ōbhineta – m/ōbhintri – f)

Artist – শিল্পী (silpi)

Poet – কবি (kōbi)

Singer – গায়ক (gayōk)

Writer – লেখক/লেখিকা (lekhōk – m/lekhika)

Apologies if you saw what was meant to be the draft version of this post. That, evidently, is what I get for trying to save a draft post, step off the train in the rain and not checking whether I was pressing the Draft or the Publish button on my iPhone’s WordPress app.


3 responses to “5 Bengali words – creative professions

  1. nayok (m) and nayika (f) are less formal words for actor. Easier to remember too as it mirrors gayok and gayika!

    Good work!

    • Thanks for the tip Hanna, that’s really useful.

      It’s curious that Bengali can be gender neutral with pronouns, but still has male/female variations with some words.

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