5 Bengali words – questions

I was in two minds about this ‘5 Bengali words‘ post. The main point of all my Bengali language entries here is for me to practice and continue learning the language – though I’m very happy the web traffic shows they have wider appeal.

It’s just that this particular post only scratches at the surface of the Bengali words for questions. There’s no mention of how they should be used, where in a sentence they appear or even any examples.

Maybe I’ll post on some of that in the future. For now these particular posts are defined by their brevity, though I’m stretching the rules for today’s one, so here are 5 Bengali words (+1) that can be used when forming questions.

What – কি (ki)

Who – কে (ke)

Why – কেন  (kaenō)

When -কখন (kōkhōn)

Where -কোথায় (kōthay)

How – কেমন (kaemōn)

The previous 5 Bengali words looked at creative professions.

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