5 Bengali words – snow

Snowy bridge Last week the UK had the coldest November since the mid-1980s. There was chaos on the roads, airports were closed and the trains looked pretty dicey too.

The temperature’s still regularly falling below zero but, around our way at least, the snow is gradually receding to make way for ice and slush.

So, with a gigantic imaginative leap (and inspired in part by the man I saw skiing down our road), this week’s 5 Bengali words looks at snow and the cold.

Snow – তুষার (tusar)

Ice – বরফ (bōrōph)

Cold – শীত, ঠান্ডা (sit, thanda)

Icy – তুষারশিতল (tusarsitōl)

Freeze – বরফ হওয়া (bōrōph hōoya)

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