5 Bengali words – negative emotions

Today’s Five Bengali words is a companion to my recent Positive Emotions post.

But instead of Happy, Excited and so on, this time it’s their flipside – negative emotions.

Also, I’m starting to use a few common dictionary style abbreviations in these posts – adj for adjective, vb for verb and, though one won’t come up this time, n for noun.

Sad adj – মন খারাপ, বিষণণ (mōn kharap, bisōnn)

Angry adj – রাগী, (ragi)

Embarrassed vb – বিব্রত করা, লজ্জা দেওয়া (bibrōtō kōra, lōjja deoya)

Jealous adj – হিংসুক (hingsuk)

Lonely  adj – একা একা, নিঃসঙ (aeka aeka, ningsōng)

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