More reading in 2011

Once upon a time I read a lot, positively devouring fiction.

As a result I have a residual memory that tries to tell me I’m still a big reader, even these days, when there’s no denying that – between work, home, family and blogging (!!) – it’s harder to find time to read than it used to be.

I’ve just updated my Reading page and, totting up the books I read last year, see 2010’s final score comes to 19.

All things considered, that’s not that bad for me. It’s certainly more than I read the year before, so that’s at least one of last year’s resolutions achieved.

But it can’t compare to one year when I gulped down just over 100 books. Even now I’m still a little pleased that that’s nearly two books a week, despite the fact that – post-university, pre-marriage – it was a very quiet year in most other respects.

I haven’t posted New Year’s Resolutions again this year, mainly because they would just repeat those from 2010. Nevertheless, I look forward to making time for yet more reading in 2011.

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