Film 4 to repeat In Custody

Next week Film 4 will repeat In Custody, the 1993 film that marked the directorial debut of Ismail Merchant (as in Merchant-Ivory).

As the UK digital channel last showed the film in September it provides the perfect opportunity to re-run some of the post I wrote about it then.

In Custody is based on Anita Desai’s poignant tale about a poet past his best and stars Shashi Kapoor and Om Puri.

Puri plays a teacher who has been commissioned to interview legendary Urdu poet, Nur (Kapoor), whom he has idolised for years.

However, when Deven arrives for the interview, he discovers a broken man surrounded by hangers on and pulled in different directions by his two wives.

  • In Custody – Thursday 20 January at 11:00 – 13:20, Film 4

You can see the rest of the South Asian films Channel 4 has shown this year, including its Bollywood fare, here.

One response to “Film 4 to repeat In Custody

  1. I never knew of The Custody until I accidently caught it on TV last week, having missed the start – I saw it from the moment when Om Puri was in a bus heading for the first time to intervies his idol Nur, the great poet. As an Urdu speaking man from Lucknow the poignent theme of the story hits me hard and it pains me deeply. Ever since India’s independence its ruling class has done everything in its power to obliterate Urdu from the face of India : because it is perceived by them to belong to Muslims. And yet Urdu is as Indian as Gandhi. The artificial Hindi thus created and imposed does not connect with the soul of the people. That is why even today after sixty years songs in all the Bollywood movies are written in Urdu, the language seeped in poetry. Let them write these songs in Official Hindi and see how many will buy them. The whole world believes in culteral diversity but India is going through culteral vandalism. Eventually, who knows, Urdu may even be declared illegal. Whose loss will it be?
    Long live Urdu the most cultured language of India.

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