5 Bengali words – cleaning

Today’s post was inspired by this week’s short period of house-husbanding – and the list of chores that seems to come with the post.

The words will also come in handy with Son1, who’s currently getting to grips with hanging up and putting his clothes away rather than leaving them in a heap on his bed after school.

Tidy adj – পরিপাটি (pōripati*), ছিমছাম (chimcham**)

Dirty adj – মযলা (mōyla), সমল (sōmol)

Wash vb – ধোয়া (dhoya)

Clean adj – পরিষ্কার (pōriskar***)

Clean vb – পরিষ্কার করা (pōriskar kōra****)

N.B. The Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary elaborates further on some of these words thus:

*arranged in an orderly manner

** smart and tidy, spruce, spick and span

*** cleanliness, tidiness, neatness

**** to clean, clear, tidy

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