5 Bengali words – river

Padma River boatman in Bangladesh

On the Padma, near the ferry crossing between Dhaka and Khulna (by joiseyshowaa)

I recently finished reading Rabindranath Tagore’s Selected Stories, many of which take place on or by the banks of the river Padma in Bangladesh.

Perhaps that explains where the idea for this week’s topic for 5 Bengali words comes from – though my memories of rivers stretch back to growing up in a town by the Thames, making use of it for swimming, fishing and canoeing.

River n – নদী (nōdi)

Riverbank n – তীর (tir)

Bridge n – পূল, ব+রিজ (pul, brij)

Fisherman n – জেলে (jele)

Boat n – নৌকা, নৌকো, তরী (nōuka, nōuko, tōri)

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