Bengali children’s cartoon Meena

There’s no 5 Bengali words post this week as I’m busily working on incorporating them into a DIY iPhone Bengali revision app. All being well I’ll have it ready next week, but I should warn you in advance it’s a very DIY solution.

In lieu of another 5 Bengali words I’ve posted a Meena cartoon, a recommendation from a reader (who, incidentally, has just started her own Bengali blog My Bangla Diary, which I’d encourage you to check out). 

And so to Meena. The character is a Unicef-produced initiative to communicate messages around girls’ and children’s rights.

Meena made her debut in 1998 and features not just in cartoons, but in comics, posters and even a radio series (produced in collaboration with BBC world service).

These were produced by UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia, with the core materials made available in five languages – English, Bangla, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. These were in turn translated or dubbed into a number of other South Asian and European languages.

In Bangladesh, Meena stories have been incorporated into the formal and non-formal school curricula. UNICEF Bangladesh introduced the Meena Media Awards in 2005 – an initiative aimed at promoting excellence in media regarding stories for and about children.

• For more Meena cartoons in Bengali visit Unicef Bangladesh’s YouTube Channel (go to uploads and click on ‘see all’)


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