DIY iPhone app for revising Bengali

Learning Bengali Tumblr iPhoneMy last post mentioned a DIY iPhone Bengali revision app and, more or less ready, I’ll tell you about it now.

I wanted an easy way of viewing my 5 Bengali Words posts on my iPhone.

So, impressed by the Tumblr iPhone app, I’ve started putting basic version of my Bengali vocabulary posts onto my new Learning Bengali Tumblr site.

(This will complement not replace A Tangle Of Wires.)

You can chose to view the site online here.

Learning Bengali Tumblr iPhone

But if you want to use it via an app:

• Register for a Tumblr account

• Follow Learning Bengali on Tumblr

• Download the Tumblr iPhone app (I expect an Android version is available, but haven’t checked)

I’ve split the posts so only the English words show at first when browsing. This will allow you to test yourself on the vocabulary.

It will still be subject to the usual problems of Bengali font display problems on iPhones, that see certain vowel signs appear after rather than before a consonant.


2 responses to “DIY iPhone app for revising Bengali

  1. Hi – just got an Iphone. Is there an App for the Google Transliteration into Bengali?
    Oddly the fonts are displaying perfectly, unlike on my Mac where the vowel signs display after the consonant.

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