Polish Tagore anthology published

A new anthology of Rabindranath Tagore’s works has been published in Polish.

Translated from the original Bengali, it includes the Nobel laureate’s poetry, short stories, essays, paintings, letters and play Post Office.

The book was compiled and translated by the Warsaw University’s Bengali department, led by Shantiniketan alumnus Elzbieta Walter, and has an introduction by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen.

Warsaw University has taught Bengali language and literature since the 1950s and is the only Polish university with a provision for Bangla.

It is also credited with nurturing a number of eminent scholars like Walter, author of the first Bengali grammar book in Polish.

She told IANS: “[The] sky is the limit to refine one’s mind with the beauty of Bangla literature. But we have limited resources and limited opportunities to cope with the recent trends in Bangla literature.”

“Though there is a big demand to learn Bangla from the student community, we admit students only once in three years as we have to compete with Tamil and Sanskrit for attracting the students. Hindi of course has more demand as they admit students every year.”


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