5 Bengali words – animals

This (long overdue) 5 Bengali words post is based on a longer one on ‘animal words’ I’ve had half finished for a while.

I’ll have the longer version ready soon and in the meantime have picked out some of those I’d particularly like to learn – so they’re perhaps not the most obvious animal words if you’re just starting out. (For Dog, Cat etc check back again next week.)

Fox (n) – ঁখেকশিয়াল (khekosiyal)

Wolf (n) – নেকড়ে বাঘ (nekōre bagh)

Jackel (n) – শৃগাল (srigal)

Buffalo (n) – মহিষ (mōhis)

Ox (n) – ঁষাড় (sarō)

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3 responses to “5 Bengali words – animals

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  2. This made me laugh for I consider myself to be perfectly fluent in Bengali but I hadn’t even heard of 3 out of your 5 words!! 🙂 I have gotten along perfectly well, fooling all Bengalis (even when I visit Kolkata) into thinking I am a native without the benefit of knowing how to say fox or wolf in Bengali. But now I am further enriched, thank you 🙂

  3. tangleofwires

    Thanks – it probably says something about my rather academic (as opposed to practical) approach to learning Bengali. Well, that and the fact that foxes are a fairly common sight where I live.

    (BTW, I like your blog and have just subscribed to its RSS feed.)

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