10k preparation

20110612-093943.jpg I’ve been running for nearly 11 years* but have never gone beyond idly considering running in an actual race.

But at yesterday’s village day, amongst the candy floss, dodgy motorcycle display team and former Mr Universe runner up with a squeaky voice was the local running club’s stall.

The 10k race they organise is not until the end of September, so I’ve made the rash decision to give it a go.

Despite never having run an actual 10k race, I have run 10 km before, but not for a couple of years or so – just before Son2 arrived in fact.

So preparation began last night with the all important question of what to put on my iPod Shuffle (TV on the Radio, Metallica, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, Bee Gees and … er .. Black Eyed Peas) .

Then today at 6.30am – when you have kids, extra time has to be found from somewhere – I started off on a 8.3 km run (coming in at a distinctly average 46.38 mins).

*And boy, am I tired**

**Take my wife … please***

***I’m here all week, try the fish

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