Stalled running

Sometimes the best way curtail a new project is just to loudly announce it to all and sundry.

Inadvertently this happened with the preparations for my first 10k race, which were quite literally stopped in their tracks, though not for want of enthusiasm.

In fact, it’s the enthusiasm that stalled my training. Or rather, my throwing myself into long 45 minute runs (three in eight days) when my usually – once ot twice a week – runs last about 27 minutes.

Increasing your running distance too quickly can bring on ‘runner’s knee‘, as I’ve somewhat belatedly discovered, Googling my symptoms after I ended up practically hobbling after the last run.

Feeling rather foolish I’ve been resting for the past week and a half, doing some exercises to recover from runner’s knee and thinking about how to take this 10k stuff a bit more seriously than ‘I’ll train by running lots’.

Another reason I’ll be taking it a bit more seriously is I mentioned it to a friend who is now considering taking part. This friend works for a professional sports association, training referees and coaches (and in his spare time goes to the gym) … I probably won’t even see him after the first bend in the course.


3 responses to “Stalled running

  1. Hurts like hell! Still recovering 😦

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