5 Bengali words – big numbers

I’ve started working my way through the review of part two in Teach Yourself Bengali and have decided to tackle my mental block with crore and lakh.

The numbers are common in India and the surrounding countries, but for some reason I’ve never quite got my head around them, until now (hopefully).

1 Crore (10,000,000) – কোটি, ক্রোড়ে (koti, crore 1,00,00,000)

2 Lakh (100,000) – লাখ, লক্ষ (lakh, lōkkh 1,00,000)

3 Thousand – হাজার (hajar)

4 Hundred – শ (sō)*

5 One and a half, two and a half – দেড়, আড়াই (der, arai)**

* E.g. একশ (100), দুশ (200)

** Not ‘big numbers’ in themselves, these can be used for numbers such as দেড়শ (150) and আড়াইশ (250)

If you can’t view the Bangla script above (and want to) you need to install Bengali fonts on your computer.

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3 responses to “5 Bengali words – big numbers

  1. So a Crore is 100 Lakhs?

  2. khoob bhalo, ei-gulo kintu khoob proyojoner jinish..deshe gele aapni ei kothagulo lakh-lakh baar shunben..

  3. tangleofwires

    @mybangladiary Yes (as I understand it)

    @Suja Dhonnobad. Khub baeboharik!

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